Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sorry if there were no activity for the past 1 month... im just busy on some things... you may check out our news sources... sadly, tehskeen is not one of them anymore... stay tuned...

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

POPS Loader full pack for CFW GEN 5.50

1-Download the file ( Links are below )
2-Extract it
3-Open the SEPLUGINS folder resulted from the extraction and copy all of its contents to ms0:/SEPLUGINS/
4-Go enable popsloader from recovery menu
5-See this combatibility list for choosing the correct popsloader version : Click here
6-Enjoy !

Download Links:
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Monday, December 21, 2009

PSNabler v3


Leo has released PSNabler v3, a plugin with your PSP that  lets you get on PSN (on certain games) with older PSN enabled firmwares that have been un-allowed to connect to the Play Station Network.

Copy both psnabler.prx and psnabler.txt to the seplugins folder
next add this line to your game.txt in the seplugins folder:
then go into recovery and enable the plugin

UCJS-10090 Resistance JAP
UCUS-98668 Resistance US
NPUG-80114 Syphon Filter Combat Ops
UCES-01264 Little Big PlanetEU
UCUS-98744 Little Big PlanetUS


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Eboot Exchange 2.6 for 6.10 Games

If the game is not compatible with 5.50 GEN D-3 or the HEN powered 5.03 GEN - C, you may check this one out.

It can decrypt and patch iso/cso,(the eboot.bin) right on the PSP. So you may not need toextract the boot.bin
decrypt and patch and eboot.bin and rebuild it again with UMD GEN.

Patch mode is for making the game work on 5.00 m33-6. This also patches game for 5.00, even if it was predecrypt

press Start, to change the mode
press Left or Right to pick the ISO (up and down change the folder)
the press /\ to exchange the eboot
press X to quit

Edit: I also had to rename the folder "Eboot Exchange 2.6" for it to work. Else it would've shown up as Corrupted Data. ;)
Edit #2: It freezes when I try to "exchange" the US version of Avatar. I'll try the EUR version.


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EDecrypt v1.3

EDecrypt v1.3 is based on PSARDumper's sources. Recompiled and optimized by mc707.

How to use
1. Copy EDecrypt folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME
2. Copy encrypted file(s) to ms0:/enc/
3. Execute EDecrypt v1.3 on PSP
4. Press X to decrypt file(s) or [] to decrypt and patch file(s) for m33

Version history
- added many keys
- added 6.10 key
- patching routine
- logging to file ms0:/enc/done/log.txt
- multiple files processing
-added keys for 0xC0CB167C tag
-improved functionality
-added 6.0 FW keys

Todo list
1. Reorganizing to get rid pspdecrypt.prx
2. Encrypting routine
3. Possible: patching Custom Firmware checking
4. Expanding non-encrypted files




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