Monday, June 29, 2009

DayPR Revision 5 Beta

Lilimnm has released DayPR. A plugin that's enable you to cheat your favorite PSP games. Head over those links for the news source and download of the plugin. Cheat all you want cheaters!

Download: DayPR rev. 5 beta
source: psp-hacks

Savegame Exploit for FW 5.50 version

News over psp-hacks that a German developer known as Miche2245 has released his great work and discovery of exploit on Firmware 5.50 version.

Greg stated that:

Perhaps this is the reason behind Sony issuing PSP Firmware Update 5.51

The exploit you may download below is for Monster Hunter 2. Once executed by loading the save game you can then utilize ChickHEN — the homebrew enabler — under PSP Firmware 5.50.

Download: FW 5.50 Savegame Exploit for Monster Hunter 2

Source: psp-hacks

Sunday, June 28, 2009

PCSX Revolution rev 18 released


Firnis updated PCSX-Revolution (formerly named Revolution). PCSX Revolution is a PlayStation (One) emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

Known problems:

  • Rarely "Code dump" with "Show FPS" turned on. Not high priority, so just turn it off.
Download: PCSX Revolution rev 18 for Wii
Source: wiibrew

BootMii Configuration Editor v1.1

Released by pembo. BootMii configuration editor allows you to change the values in the /bootmii/bootmii.ini file without having to take out the SD card and edit it on a PC.


  • Resolved a bug that caused a code dump if the bootmii directory did not exist. This is checked on startup and the user is informed if this does not exist
  • Improved look & feel. I’ve been creating my own ‘windows’ drawing library for console applications and have implemented this into BootMii Configuration Editor v1.1

Download: BootMii Configuration Editor v1.1

GuitarsOnFire v0.1a

Les Paul ControllerUSB Keyboard

Released by Daid. GuitarsOnFire is a GuitarHero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. It uses FretsOnFire compatible songs, which can be found all over the internet.

GuitarsOnFire Full v0.1a
GuitarsOnFire No Songs v0.1a

Source: wiibrew

Saturday, June 27, 2009

CXMB for 5.50 GEN

Unofficial CXMB Screenshot

Another version of Poison's CXMB for CFW 5.50 GEN-A by Matchung.

Download: Unofficial CXMB for 5.50 GEN-A
Source: psp-hacks

Savegame Manager v1.0 alpha


This application allows you to extract/install savegames on your Wii. (data.bin files not supported). It allows savegames to be copied from the Wii to an SD card, including savegames that cannot normally be copied from the system menu. It is a combination of the two apps Savegame Extractor and Savegame Installer.

Download: Savegame Manager v1.0 alpha
Source: wiibrew

Evangelion likes to play with your CFW!

Evangelion Screenshot

Greg of psp-hacks shared us a news from pspgen that Evangelion detects and freezes with CFW installed. Quoted from him:
Reported via the fine French folk over at pspgen is a new game, Evangelion: Jo, which apparently detects the presence of whatever custom firmware you may be running. The game starts and immediately hangs at the screen below (in here it is above this) accompanied by some soft classical music. And this isn’t a simple spoofable version check either; the game actually checks the contents loaded in RAM and should it see something it doesn’t like — it bails.
Source: psp-hacks

To all MPlayerCE and USB Loader users.

Having troubles with your USB2? MPlayer-CE Team needs your help by doing a quick test to analyze driver behavior with your USB devices. Please visit for more information.

Pacline v1.1

pacv - Image 1

Crazy goth has updated Pacline to version 1.1. A game which
you need to grab the yellow dots and avoid the enemies.

Download: Pacline v1.1
Source: qj

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bookr Mod 090623


Bookr is the best document viewer for the PSP. Here's the changes on this enhanced version of 0.7.1.

  • Support much more PDFs (with large images, JPEG2000, JBIG2, AES-encrpted, etc.)
  • Support PDF Outlines
  • Unicode support in PDF, PDF Outlines and file chooser.
  • Some new options to control scroll speed of d-pad and analog stick.
  • A simple thumbnail to indicate current position in page.
  • Zoom in to specified width and position.
  • Bug fixes.
Bookr Mod 090623 for FW 4xx / 5xx
Bookr Mod 090623 for FW 3.71
Bookr Mod 090623 for FW 1.50

Source: psp-hacks

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Homebrew Idol Awardees and Updates

All right, first things first… Congratulations to all the Homebrew Idol 2 contestants. All developers did an outstanding job with crafting their 3D-enabled homebrew. So let me do a quick round of shout outs to each and every dev. (in no particular order): hardhat, Slippy, pspflashsystem, SG57, Brick, Calv!n (I’m really looking forward to Zombie Desert updates), Xfacter, Code Tactics, HyperHacker, and Greg “xigency” Tourville.

Now lets get down to business. We deviated from last years voting system where I was the one and only person responsible for deciding the developers’ fate. This year we voiced the opinion of the public as well as the forum staff. This spreadsheet explains all that.

So without further ado — The Homebrew Idol 2 winners:

  1. SG57 with Light Cycle 3D
  2. Brick with PSPMarble: Orchestra SensatioN
  3. Xfacter with Battlegrounds 3

Again — props to everyone who participated… The top 3 — check your private forum messages, you’ll be hearing from me shortly.

Light Cycle 3D v3.01 Updated
labKillHomer3D v2.0
PSP Marble Orchestra SensatioN v2.5b
HardHat's Battle Arena v0.61

Source: psp-hacks

USB Loader GX official read me and latest revision

Enjoying your "back up" loader with USB Loader GX? Here's the official read me from the developers...

USB Loader GX Read Me

revision 546.dol
Source: USB Loader GX

CFWEnabler v3.50

Custom Firmware Enabler Screenshot

The most used solution for PSP-2000 TA-088v3 and the latest PSP-3000 to load on M33 CFW environment via ChickHEN R2 has once again updated!

- Fixed a bug that was making problems on net gaming.
- Improved the Mac faking system
- Improved the plugin system
- Now it starts a second faster
- Improved the error handling on installation
- Improved the Pops flashing system

Download: CFWEnabler 3.50
Source: sceners

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arcade Jigsaw v0.3 by mdm2k

Not just another computer jigsaw puzzle! Put the pieces exactly where they go or they head to the back of the queue. You only get to see a few at a time!

Up to four players can work together to solve puzzles. The puzzles must be PNG images, up to 480x440 in size. A built-in puzzle is used if no SD card is present when Arcade Jigsaw starts.

* Version 0.3 adds support for JPEG images and makes the piece queue animate smoothly when pieces are removed.

Download: Arcade Jigsaw v0.3
Source: tehskeen

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wagic The Homebrew 0.7.1 released

Please check out the source for more information.

Download: Wagic 0.7.1

CFWEnabler v3.30 released

- Improved menu options.
- Fixed bug in network update.
- Now you can change version.txt to 5.51.
- Spoof Mac address in XMB.
- Improved the ChikHEN patch system.

Download: CFWEnabler v3.30

PSP Power Saver v.0.0.9

PSP Power Saver - Image 1

Warlock has released an update for his PSP Power Saver. This turns off the UMD driver when you are not using it (iso/cso, Homebrew, internet, music etc.) In turn this will save you power and the app conserves power whenever it can, ie. when you arent using it.

Other changes in this version includes:
  • Added support for 5.03GEN-A
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Now you will save 15% charge
  • Now uses the least RAM.
Put the PspPowerSaver.prx in your seplugins folder
And add ms0:/seplugins/PspPowerSaver.prx to your game.txt

Download: PSP Power Saver v.0.0.9


Presenting...The Homebrew Idol 2 Finalists!!!

labKillHomer3D by pspflashsystemHardhat's Battle Arena by hardhat

faintRedux by Slippy

Homebrew Idol 2 organized by the great people of psp-hacks has released their finalist for the said contest. Please check the download pack and cast your votes over the source link provided.

Download: Homebrew Idol 2 Pack

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A has arrived! (Updated)

Battlegrounds 3 v0.3 by XFacter

From Homebrew Idol 2 (a contest run by psp-hacks) contestant Xfacter is developing a game called Battlegrounds 3. The next version will feature a 16 player ad-hoc mode. If you like Twisted Metal then you'll love this. Stay tuned for the next release.

Download: Battlegrounds 3 v0.3

Friday, June 12, 2009

PXDrum Drum Machine v1.2


CFWEnabler is now on version 3.20!!!

- Now you can use plugins that are not on seplugins folder
- Now we use our own systemctrl, not GENyUS ones.
- Version is now 5.00M33-6
- Native 5.03 Pops is now supported.
- MS Speed Patch available
- Fixed bug that did not patch version.txt properly
- Quick Start mode (Autostart if you dont press R Trigger)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Galaxii Overflow - new exploit found for the Wii!!!

Developer named hetoan2 is cooking an exploit with the use of Super Mario Galaxy. Quoted from the said developer:
This new wii exploit allows code to be executed by the game. I showed this before loading a level in an earlier video. Now I have a code that loads a boot.elf from the root of the SD card. This is done by an anomaly in the game which has the game storing data in a buffer area, the data overflows and overwrites adjacent memory. In this case It allows a modified save to run code, unfortunately, playing on this save file can easily mess with the code due to where the code is loaded from. The exploit is also very dangerous as turning off during the underlying NAND processes can cause bricks. The only way to get the code to execute is to preform the glitch. It's not easy to do. Once this is perfected so that it is easier to do and is safer it will be released. Until then enjoy.

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN is next!

News from DCEmu that GEN will release a CFW version 5.50. Quoted from wraggster:

Wii Balance Board Tool v1.0 by Eli Sherer


v1.0 10/06/09 final-release

  • added: HOMEMenu support
  • added: save file on the SD called baltools.cfg
Download: Wii Balance Board Tool

Code Downloader v1.3 by linus

Native Wii Code Downloader. Downloads Wiird .txt files from the Wiird code database to the sd card and renames them to the name of the game they are used for. To use the cheats in game, txt codes/cheats files must be converted into .gct format by using Wiicm or CheatManager.

  1. First select the region of the game that you would like to use cheats with.
  2. Code Downloader will say that it is downloading.
  3. After downloading, a list of every game in your region with cheats available for it will show.
  4. Scroll up and down until you find the game you are looking for and press Wiimote A Button to download the .txt file.
  5. Use Wiicm or CheatManager to select the cheats you want to use and convert the .txt into a .gct
  6. Use Gecko OS to use the cheats in game.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DaedalusX64 revision 399

Daedalus x64 is the only Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP.

Download: Daedalus x64

USB Loader GX v1.0 rev 482 now supports FAT partition

USB Loader GX lets you play your "legal Wii game backup collection" (ehem!) from USB mass storage device.

Changes for revision 482:
Makes it possible to use a FAT-Partition on the USB WBFS-Disk
- is "argv[0]" set, then the boot-device extracted from the argv.
- if no meaningful boot device found, then looking for "boot.dol"/"boot.elf" in "apps/usbloader_gx/" first on "SD:/" and then on "USB:/". When found, than use this device. Otherwise use the default "SD:"
- Set all default-Paths on this Device
- Set the Path for config-Folder, GXGlobal.cfg, GXGameSettings.cfg
and GXGameFavorites.cfg on this Device (e.g. USB:/config and so on.
Download: r482.dol

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unofficial CXMB for 5.03 M33/GEN v2

[What's this?]
The unofficial CXMB for 5.03 M33/GEN uses 5.02 CTF themes.
So you can load themes on PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3 without a brick risk.

- You can disable the theme:
1. Go to Settings->Theme settings->Theme
2. Apply the original(Sony) theme
3. Delete the Custom Theme¨
4. It reboot to the Sony theme

- Fixed the wallpaper bug
- Supported all FWs of CXMB 3.3 by Poison and 5.02
- In the zip is also a CTF_converter.exe to convert 5.00 CTF themes for this unofficial CXMB



FuSa GAMEPAD Released!

Alright if you dreamed to turn your PSP into USB Gamepad, the time has come!

With help of new tiny application from -=FuSa TeaM=-

It's very easy now, just launch FuSa GAMEPAD and attach usb cable - and that's all!
(I recommend you first connect usb cable and then launch application)
No drivers are required!

After you've connected your OS will recognize PSP as GAMEPAD with 2 Axises and 8 buttons.

Custom Firmware Enabler v3.01

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.01

Xenogears and Becus25 continue the development of Custom Firmware Enabler
, CFE allows homebrew to enable through ChickHEN firmware 5.03 features of the Custom Firmware M33, which is now on version 3.1. Among the novelties of this release is finally compatible with the PSP-3000.

Changelog v3.01
- Fix a bug that did not allow to load the plugin in VSH

Changelog v3.0
- Added support for PSP-3000
- Improved GUI
- Added update system via Internet
- Added system to block the official updates
- Free UMD Region
- CFWEnabler Online Update
- Added option to hide PIC0.png and PIC1.png
- Fix a crash bug that was when the console was not detected alcjun plugin
- It 's possible to use the file version.txt
- Added Registry Hacks (Edit buttons, Enable WMA, Enable Flash Player)
- Added a menu to configure the version.txt
- Added a menu to configure the CPU speed (VSH and GAME).

Custom Firmware Enabler

Monday, June 8, 2009

Memory Manager BETA 0.2 by TheCraziness 1

This program will allow your psp to load faster and run smoother.

The way the program works is it changes the settings so instead of loading everything on your psp, once it loads the different parts up as you use them. For Example : No need to have the video player loaded up if your not using it right?
There you go, psp goes faster now.

Completely Safe and safe to use with all current firmwares. It has not been tested on HEN yet but I know it is completely safe to use.

This is only the first release and I will be adding to it. At the moment you get about a 8-10
percent speed-up but I hope to get that up to at least 50%. Enjoy!!!

Put the memory manager folder into your game folder and run.

Unlimited Character Version and Mac Address Spoofer v3 by Davee

This is a spoofer (aka faker) for the information found in the XMB->Settings->System Settings->System Information. This version supports the firmwares of 5.00 and 5.02 and includes spoofing of both System Version and Mac Address. So you can personalize the XMB Information for whatever you need, including your own imaginary "8.32342 0xDEADBEEF" firmware and matching mac address.

This newer spoofer supports the version 5.03 and 5.05 in addition to 5.00 and 5.02. No other features have been added.

Changelog v3:
- Added support for 5.03 and 5.05

Copy the "sysconf_spoofer.prx" to the "seplugins" folder on your MEMORY STICK and add a line to vsh.txt (or create one within seplugins folder) and add the line "ms0:/seplugins/sysconf_spoofer.prx 1" and then make a "spoofversion.txt" and/or a "spoofmac.txt" in seplugins folder. Within these, write your hearts desire; with either ascii (normal text) or Unicode* (special characters). Reboot your PSP, and be amazed at your system information.



DayViewer Plugin Beta 3 – Support PSP 3000 by Total_Noob

Changes in beta 3:
+ Added in the config a function to view the day left or right
+ Supported PSP 3000 with 5.03 GEN-A
+ Added more support:
– 3.80 M33
– 3.90 M33
– 4.01 M33
– 5.03 GEN-A for HEN
+ Fixed the slow bug

Download DayViewer Plugin Beta 3
Download DayViewer German Mod
Download DayViewer French Mod


Unofficial CXMB for 5.03 GEN-A by Total_Noob

Unofficial CXMB Screenshot

The unofficial CXMB for 5.03 GEN-A support 5.02 CTF themes. So you can load themes on PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3 without a brick risk.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flash Spacer Final release by alex_e

location - Image 1
Here comes the final release of Flash Spacer from alex_e, a handy homebrew application that removes and back-ups certain files in the flash0 to save you some extra space on your PSP.

The final release has removed the buggy HEN Check feature and added a "Remove the RSS" function. To install the application, simply copy the Flash Spacer file to PSP/GAME. There is no README in the download so be careful in installing the application.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-A is now available!


  • COMPATIBILITY PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3
  • Reading of plays PS1
  • Reading of the backups of plays PSP
  • GEN VSH FINELY available
  • Recovery in VSH available (some bugs remains to be regulated - to see further)
  • Access to the PSN
  • Etc
Known Bugs:

The RECOVERY MODE of the 5.02GEN-A was patché to turn on the PSP-3000. It makes it possible to modify the majority of the usual options. Note that we some problems with this recovery in VSH and will undoubtedly have to be awaited a patch encounters correction so that it is functional at 100%. Note that SMALL GEN VSH functions, him, very well.

Here menus and their equivalents:

  • Togle USB = OK
  • configuration ok
    • Sony skip: do not go (useless thus not engraves)
    • Hide corrupt let us icons = walk not and activeSkip Sony logo
    • range folder HB ok
    • autorun EBOOT ok
    • fake area ok
    • use vsh finely ok
    • XMB USB Device ok
    • Charge device with usb ok
    • Use M33 network update ok
    • use version TXT ok
    • hide MAC ok
  • use range ok categories
  • Reboot in official firmware > nonfunctional
  • Run program At = Finely advanced
  • advanced = CPU SPEED
  • CPU SPEED = Plugins
  • plugins = registry hack
  • registry hack = suspends device
  • device = reboot in official firmware suspends
  • Reset system = quit
The README further notes that:
  • When you installed the custom firmware in your flash you can remove the "files" folder in the MS ROOT. For your own safety, is better that you rename or erase the prx called "flasher.prx" in the MAIN APP folder to avoid wrong flash times.
  • If you shutdown the machine or the psp crash, you will need use again ChickHEN R2 to load the main app and press O to reboot in the custom firmware, but if you dont shutdown the machine you are in the custom firmware forever.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming soon: Exploit for Nintendo Wii by comex


Exploit by comex, ELF loading code by Team Twiizers. Bug used was discovered by svpe.

This exploit exploits a vulnerability in SSBB's stage builder code to run arbitrary homebrew code. Currently it will load an elf file from /boot.elf on the SD card.

This exploit differs from others in the fact that it is quite difficult for Nintendo to patch. There is no method on the Wii for patching games, and as this exploit does not go through the System Menu, it can not be patched by Nintendo at this time.

Join us in #sssb on EFNet ( to discuss! Release is when its done (aka: soon).

All you have to do to use this exploit is delete all custom stages on your Wii, then copy over the file. When you etner the Stage Builder menu, it will automatically run /boot.elf on SD.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CFW Enabler 2.50 released

A quick update on the CFW Enabler reaching version 2.50.
On this new version, ChickHEN patching has been improved and it has lots and lots of less bugs (solved the one who didn't allow the version patch after quitting a game, also you can now install any pops version in flash, the plugins bug is now gone, and you can even install lower versions at the same time as the latest one, even though that's not interesting)
Thanks for the quick update and we hope that we can use this too with the 3000 models.

Download: CFW Enabler v2.50