Thursday, December 31, 2009

POPS Loader full pack for CFW GEN 5.50

1-Download the file ( Links are below )
2-Extract it
3-Open the SEPLUGINS folder resulted from the extraction and copy all of its contents to ms0:/SEPLUGINS/
4-Go enable popsloader from recovery menu
5-See this combatibility list for choosing the correct popsloader version : Click here
6-Enjoy !

Download Links:
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Monday, December 21, 2009

PSNabler v3


Leo has released PSNabler v3, a plugin with your PSP that  lets you get on PSN (on certain games) with older PSN enabled firmwares that have been un-allowed to connect to the Play Station Network.

Copy both psnabler.prx and psnabler.txt to the seplugins folder
next add this line to your game.txt in the seplugins folder:
then go into recovery and enable the plugin

UCJS-10090 Resistance JAP
UCUS-98668 Resistance US
NPUG-80114 Syphon Filter Combat Ops
UCES-01264 Little Big PlanetEU
UCUS-98744 Little Big PlanetUS


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Eboot Exchange 2.6 for 6.10 Games

If the game is not compatible with 5.50 GEN D-3 or the HEN powered 5.03 GEN - C, you may check this one out.

It can decrypt and patch iso/cso,(the eboot.bin) right on the PSP. So you may not need toextract the boot.bin
decrypt and patch and eboot.bin and rebuild it again with UMD GEN.

Patch mode is for making the game work on 5.00 m33-6. This also patches game for 5.00, even if it was predecrypt

press Start, to change the mode
press Left or Right to pick the ISO (up and down change the folder)
the press /\ to exchange the eboot
press X to quit

Edit: I also had to rename the folder "Eboot Exchange 2.6" for it to work. Else it would've shown up as Corrupted Data. ;)
Edit #2: It freezes when I try to "exchange" the US version of Avatar. I'll try the EUR version.


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EDecrypt v1.3

EDecrypt v1.3 is based on PSARDumper's sources. Recompiled and optimized by mc707.

How to use
1. Copy EDecrypt folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME
2. Copy encrypted file(s) to ms0:/enc/
3. Execute EDecrypt v1.3 on PSP
4. Press X to decrypt file(s) or [] to decrypt and patch file(s) for m33

Version history
- added many keys
- added 6.10 key
- patching routine
- logging to file ms0:/enc/done/log.txt
- multiple files processing
-added keys for 0xC0CB167C tag
-improved functionality
-added 6.0 FW keys

Todo list
1. Reorganizing to get rid pspdecrypt.prx
2. Encrypting routine
3. Possible: patching Custom Firmware checking
4. Expanding non-encrypted files




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TowerDefense v0.5

TowerDefense by wplaat is a classic 2D action game. Protect your base with all kind of defense systems and kill all the waves of enemies. If ten enemies reach the base the game is over. Good luck!


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Saturday, December 19, 2009

PSP Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 and 5.03 GEN-C for HEN


The much awaited CFW Update this season is here...

  • Ability to run 6.10 + games without having to patch (UMD or ISO)
  • Ability to run games protected as Gundan vs. Gundam Naruto for example (UMD or ISO)
  • To launching PSN demos requiring 6.10 + without having to patch
Quoted from greg:

The scoop: All right… So we’re in #psp-hacks live chat testing things out, discussing, you know… PSP-2000 (Slim) — bang on; Yoshihiro, my sincerest. PSP-1000 (Phat) — something’s a little off… The PSP-1000, under System Information, reports 5.50 GEN-D (Full), while the Slim is sayin’ 5.50 GEN-D3. At least for me it is. On the 1000 you may experience other odd behaviour too. I can’t speak for 5.03 GEN-C and 2000v3/3000, but feel free to leave your comments below.

5.50 GEN-D3
5.03 GEN-C for HEN

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MyMenuify Channel

Shunite's MyMenuify Channel which showcases amazing job on creating the channel. Also this channel was tested as it is the current mymenuify channel.

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Super Sonic CSM

Here is the Wii Theme Team's new Super Sonic theme there's really no introduction needed for super sonic so ill skip all that look out for the new health screen hack and we hope you all enjoy.

3.2 Here
4.x Here
Please note 3.2 has only been tested in nand emulation please let us know if there are problems
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PMPlayer Advance v3.0.7


A new version of PMPlayer Advance has been released courtesy of homebrew coder cooleyes. If your not familiar with the app, PMPlayer Advance is an alternative media player for the PSP that can play PMP format movies. The latest update is a bug fix release.


  • fixed subtitle display smooth

PMPlayer Advance list of supported file format:

  • PMP Format V2( *.pmp ):
    • Video:
      • AVC, main profile, level 2.1, <=480*272
      • MPEG-4 Part2, <=480*272

    • Audio:
      • MP3
      • AAC

  • MP4 Format( *.mp4 ):
    • Video:
      • AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
      • AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480
      • MPEG-4 Part2, <=480*272

    • Audio:
      • AAC

  • MKV Format( *.mkv ):
    • Video:
      • AVC, baseline profile, level 1.3, <=480*272
      • AVC, main profile, level 2.1 or 3.0, <=720*480

    • Audio:
      • AAC

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DayViwer v6.1: Now adds seconds display

DayViewer Screenshot

It's another update from our guy Total_Noob. DayViewer started bringing "days" on the XMB. Now it displays battery percent, year and the latest are the seconds!


  • Added compatibility with unicode (special characters).
  • Added possibility to show seconds.
  • Added support for all cfws (3.71 and higher).
  • Added compatibility with YYYY/MM/DD date format.
  • Fixed the bug that made the XMB slow.
  • Fixed time format 12, now it shows correctly.
  • Fixed bug of battery percent, now it doesn’t show a bunch of weird numbers if you resume from standby mode.
  • Fixed incompatibility with other plugins (PSPConsole, XMBEL, …).
  • Rewritten config code.

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PSP-Maps v2.2 ; Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps & More on Your PSP

PSP-Maps version 2.2… PSP-Maps works best when you’re near a WiFi connection; it uses Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Virtual Earth, and as of version 2.1, OpenStreetMap to fetch and display geographic locations.

PSP-Maps is a tool that allows you to browse Google Maps, Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps with your PSP and its WiFi connection. You can move around the map, zoom in and out, cycle through the different available views, search for an address, load/save favorites, etc.

It includes a cache system so you can browse later the maps you have previously seen, even if you don't have WiFi available. There is also a PC version if you don't have WiFi at all, so you can build a cache on your computer and copy it to your PSP.

Technically, PSP-Maps connects directly to the servers to fetch the images, it does not use the provided APIs since there are usually in JavaScript and not convenient for a homebrew.

PSP-Maps is compatible with the PSP-290 GPS and Motion Kit device.


  • replaced radius scan with recursive scan
  • allow bigger disk cache
  • updated urls.txt for Google Maps

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PCE for PSP v0.83a7

It 'was just released a new update by the Japanese coder汁ダークfor PCE for PSP, the PSP emulator for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, 8bit console produced by NEC in the late '80s. This brings me to the homebrew version 0.83a7 Following the full changelog and the link to download.
  • Program proper use of memory cards lens
  • other improvements

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Wad Manager 1.5 Multimod v2

Leathl has released an update to his wad manager modification.

I felt bothered that there was no WAD Manager that can (un)install multiple WADs at a time (At least none that I know of), so I decided to do it myself.
I used wiiNinja's mod v3 of Waninkoko's WAD Manager 1.5, as it is imho the best one. (Thanks to the authors!)
Maybe someone also feels bothered, so I though I might share this.

  • Press the "+" Button to (un-)mark the selected WAD for batch installation
  • Press the "-" Button to (un-)mark the selected WAD for batch uninstallation
  • Press the "1" Button to start batch un- AND installation (after confirmation)
  • Press the "2" Button to go to the operations menu (can yet only delete single files)
A "+" will appear in front of the name of marked WADs for installation
A "-" will appear in front of the name of marked WADs for uninstallation
  • Reassigned the buttons (Read the Usage section)
  • Batch un- and installation is now possible in one turn
  • Added confirmation screen before (un-)installation
  • Added file operations (can yet only delete single files)
  • Added batch (un)installation
I tested this on my own Wii and it worked flawlessly.
Nevertheless, I take absolutely no responsibility for any damage on your console.
You use this application on your own risk!

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Plugin Manager

The Light-Wolf released Plugin Manager, a homebrew that allows you to view the plugins in our PSP without getting into the Recovery. In the simple on-screen list shows those that are present on the PSP will be colored green, those present on the different text files but will be absent on our console instead of red. Future versions could be added a GUI and / or introduced new features


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Monday, December 14, 2009

PSPdisp v0.4 : Dual Monitors Using The PlayStation Portable

Now with improved audio streaming — JJS’ PSPdisp… It’s a combination of two drivers and two apps that make it possible to use your PSP as a second display monitor. The video is what’s up.
You need a PSP running a custom firmware; most custom firmwares seem compatible, or a PSP using ChickHEN and CFW Enabler. On the PC side you need Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 — both 32 and 64 bit are supported. A multicore processor is also recommended.


  • New features:

    • new USB driver based on WinUSB, that is compatible with 64 Bit versions of Windows (no driver signature check problem)
    • previous libusb based USB driver still supported
    • new audio recording mode for Vista / Windows 7 which uses software loopback, no longer requiring a “Stereomix” or “What you hear” device
    • increased USB transfer speeds (60 fps reachable with all compression quality settings)
    • new “Uncompressed” quality mode, doesn’t apply any compression to the images resulting in less CPU load and best image quality
    • PSP CPU speed now configurable for USB mode
    • increased character limit for the IP address / server name dialog
    • IP address is now also shown on the WLAN tab of the options window
    • audio streaming can now be completely disabled in case of problems
    • new option to hide the mouse cursor on inactivity
    • new control file option for analog mouse cursor movement with the analog stick
    • added intaller option for creating a Windows-Firewall exception for PSPdisp

  • Bug fixes:

    • CPU speed control for WLAN mode fixed
    • fixed WLAN timeout problem mentioned in the v0.3 known issues
    • PSPdisp now stays in SideShow mode when the screen resolution or geometry changes
    • various interface bugs fixed
    • rapidly enabling/disabling or attaching/detaching of the PSP in USB mode would trigger an exception

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TransmitMii v1.1


TransmitMii by Leathl is a little tool to transmit your DOL, ELF or WAD files to the Wii (WAD files only with USB Loader GX). Once you typed in your IP and protocol, you can simply drag a file onto the EXE to transmit it. It works with the old and the new version of the Homebrew Channel

It's based on the sources of wiiload by dhewg and Crap by WiiCrazy/I.R.on

The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application!

  • Added ability to link and unlink extensions with TransmitMii
  • Added compression for HBC 1.0.5+ (similar to wiiload)


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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Priiloader v0.2

This project is a modified version of the officially discontinued Preloader. Priiloader is a modded version of Preloader. just like preloader, Priiloader places itself in boot sequence before the system menu. by this priiloader has the ability to:

  • patch memory just like StartPatch or Preloader. hacks.ini should be on the sd root(only once, they get copied to NAND) and can be found here.
  • save wii from banner & other kind of bricks that aren't ios/boot2/nand corruption related
  • start something else then system menu on power up (a dol file, bootmii, homebrew channel)

  • Fixed bug with USBGecko
  • Merged the old black theme with the new white one (thanks BlackPearl & Bad Uncle! ). they are changable in the settings
  • Fix some elf loading
  • Added a check on boot so some apps can reboot/launch system menu and force priiloader to show up (see
  • Fixed random (with very low % to actually happen)crash when loading dol/elf caused by wiimote
  • Re-added USB support. USB is used if SD is not found
  • Added Sanity checks when installing priiloader
  • Fixed Bootstate bug which made the health check pop up when resetting wii(or returning to wii settings)
  • Stopped priiloader from reloading ios if the chosen IOS = the already loaded IOS (in most cases System menu IOS)
  • Added Stub IOS Detections when loading bootmii ios or IOS for System Menu. Only IOS 21 seems to be detected as stub...

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

TetriCycle v0.1b

TetriCycle is Tetris projected onto a cylindrical surface. Rotate the cylinder left/right such that the descending piece falls into place.

TetriCycle is freeware, can be distributed freely and should never be charged for.

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Configurable USB Loader v49

A new version of the Configurable USB Loader Based on Wanikoko SD/USB Loader, Kwiirk's Yal, Hermes uLoader, WiiPower's NeoGamma + many others (Sorg, nIxx, fishears, usptactical, 56Killer, WiiShizzza, hungyip84, Narolez, ...) have released v49, and finally, No more WBFS drive partition and managers.

- SDHC and USB HDD device support
- GUI and Console mode (switchable runtime)
- Background Music (.mp3 or .mod)
- Themes (switchable runtime)
- Widescreen (auto-detect)
- Transparency (covers and console)
- Cover images download
- Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc
- Automatic resize of covers
- Renaming game titles (using titles.txt)
- Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
- Light up DVD slot when install finishes, optional eject
- Childproof and parental guidance
- USB HDD with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for config, covers and other resources)
- SDHC with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for resources...)
- Custom IOS selection for better compatibility with USB drives and other USB devices.
- cIOS supported: waninkoko's 249 & 250, Hermes 222 & 223 (mload), kwiirk 222 & 223 (yal)
- Banner Sounds
- Loading games from .wbfs files on a FAT partition
- Configurable


cfg v49 (release)

* Fixed install game on SD/FAT
* Override [w]covers_size theme option with config.txt
* simple=0 will not unset hide_hddinfo when using -fat version
* Only one "#GAMEID" string inside binary - for direct starting

cfg v49b2 (beta2)

* Improved speed of loading game list when using FAT and /wbfs/id_title/ subdirs
* Changed default: fat_install_dir=1
* When downloading titles.txt and wii region is JA or KO force EN in titles_url {CC}
* Allow specifying alt_dol=name (on disc) when using direct start
* Accept GAMEID without # as argument for direct start (RHAP01 instead of #RHAP01)
* Override some theme options in base config.txt.
The options that can be overriden are those that don't
have a major effect on the theme looks and layout:
- hide_header
- hide_hddinfo
- hide_footer
- buttons
- simple
- cover_style
- cursor
- menu_plus
- gui_text_*
- gui_text2_*
- gui_title_top
* Save cfg loader version when saving gamelist.txt

cfg v49b (beta)

* Added BCA dump to file from install menu
(Press + to install and then press 1 to dump BCA)

cfg v49a (alpha)

* Games on SDHC with IOS 222/223 for both FAT or WBFS partition
* Games in subdirs on FAT
* Rename old boot.dol to boot.dol.bak when upgrading
* If the loader is used to start a game directly
(from a channel created with crap or similar tools)
and option: intro=0 is specified then no intro
and no progress is displayed until the game is started
* Support for .wip game patches (by WiiPower)
Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.wip (text format)
* Support for BCA data (by Hermes)
Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.bca (binary data of size 64 bytes)
(updated dip plugin from uloader 3.2)
* option: disable_nsmb_patch=[0],1 will disable the builtin nsmb patches
(in case someone wants to use/test the external .wip patch or .bca data)
* Enable WiiRD if usb gecko is connected and ocarina is enabled
even if not codes are found (by Rfrf)
* Ocarina url fix: /R/ID6 instead of /ID1/ID6 (for SNM*)

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TowerDefense v0.4

wplaat is in the process of building another homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii named TowerDefense.
A classic 2D action game. Protect your base with all kind of defense systems and kill all the waves of enemies. Created by wplaat ( Special thanks to my family for their support during the development of this game.
There is no download yet, but the author says to check back on his website frequently for the download.

It features:

- 2D gameboard with special graphical effects.
- Support one player
- Three game maps (So far...)
- Game player score is shared on internet.
- Easy menu system.
- WiiMote IR device support
- 9 background music tracks
- Several sound effects
Download: (Not available yet ☺)

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GoblinPSP v2.5.1.3 Special Contest Winter Edition

New update from Moscas user of's forum, for his Goblins PSP, utlity-One PC that comes with version Goblins PSP will allow you to make backups of data on your memory stick, load and / or delete your backup UMD launch programs like RemoteJoy and USBIsolader, upgrade your custom firmware and manage your plugins. This new release does not bring substantive improvements, but the addition of splash-screen for the contest. But with the next update will add new features Goblins PSP participates Developers IT's Winter Contest in the category PSP App - just translated with the crappy Babel translator! ☺

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multiTasKing 102 POC

Carlosgs released a new version which increases the performance and ease of use of a multi-tasking POC for PSP. Some of the most important improvements concern the ability to display text files / pictures, the addition of specific combinations of keys and fast optimization of code.

  • Added TXTer-PNGer, two readers of text files and images available in your browser
  • Added R combination left / right, which corresponds to ALT TAB to quickly change the window
  • Add RX combination that allows us to move a window from anywhere without clicking on the title bar
  • Improved management of the cursor movements are softer so it's easier to move 
  • Added cursor theme from Gnome Human - Optimize management of the CPU
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Lua Mp3 v0.2

Homebrew coder ac-portugal has released the first version LuaMP3, a simple MP3 player programmed in Lua with a loading bar similar to the iPhone. The latest update has added lots of new features and fixes some minor bugs from the previous release.


  • The boot was removed.
  • For the homebrew works, the necessary drivers are installed at startup. S'lis are already present, the homebrew will run directly on the list of music.
  • The battery icon has been removed and replaced by the percentage of battery.
  • Access options is available throughout the drive.
  • Possibility to move the lever via the joystick.
  • Ability to lower / increase the screen brightness in the options.
  • Ability to enable / disable the joystick in the options (including the joystick which bugguent).
  • Bar in the scrolling list of music.
  • A bar sound was added when a file is read.
  • If the HOLD button is activated, the screen turns itself off.
  • Ability to delete files in the list with music circles.
  • The time and the percentage of battery appears across the homebrew.
  • If the name of the artist, album name and title do not exist, the homebrew will not display anything, whereas in the previous version, it displays "Unknown".
  • Some parts of the code have been improved.
  • Alert when the battery drops below 5%
  • All configuration files have been deleted and every effort was made in a single config file
  • The key tips_home_small was blocked to leave, you must press select.
  •  Fixed some minor bugs.

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Control your iPhone using your Wiimote!!!

Iphone users and bricked Wii owners!!! you might want to check this out while waiting for reviving your beloved game console...

Using a Wii remote as the controller for iPhone games? Brilliant! We’ve been waiting to see some creative usage of this pairing since we covered it back in August. [ZodTTD] is the person who ported MAME over to the iPhone. Now he’s added support for the Wii remote in Mame4iPhone via the BTstack project. BTstack seeks to add Bluetooth stack functionality to devices that don’t have it or where it is limited (the iPhone).
We’ve embedded video after the break of the WiiMote used to play a MAME game. [ZodTTD] is also the author of nes4iPhone, we hope that’s the next project he will add BTstack support to!

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Modded Dop-IOS mod v9

giantpune has released a Mod to Dop-IOS-Mod v9 an application which is a modification of Dop-IOS that lets you choose which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSs with or without the trucha bug, etc.

Recently i had to go through the trouble of softmodding a virgin 4.2 wii and i realised how many different programs are needed to get the job done. heres one more step to take out of the process. DOP-IOS mod v9 has already added in wiipower's stuff for getting the trucha bug back into the wii.

whats different?
i have added to that the stuff from ATD to uninstall titles. in this version, it lets you uninstall the stubs. not only the 4.2 stubs, but i put the whole list thas was already in DOP-IOS. there are a total of 13 listed. i cant vouch for the accuracy of their list as i didnt feel like trying each IOS out to see if it really was a stub. i did go down and let it remove all of them from my 4.2u wii. i was able to start the system menu just fine (and freed up 2 blocks on the wii). but as i have nothing in place blocking disc updates, "rubik's world" wanted me to use it to update. after i reinstalled those stubs, the game no longer wanted to update. so just keep that in mind before you play with this.

also different in this one is the stuff that writes to the sd card. now, when you go to install a title, if it has to be downloaded, it will be saved on the sd card. next time you go to install a title, the sd card is checked and if the stuff is there, you dont need to get it from online. this was already in patchmii, but somewhere over time the functionality got broken in this code, so i just revived it.

and lastly, the title screen is green and i put a gp after the name. i did that to make it easier to tell this from the one that it was based from.
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Crap 2.6b: The Easy to use Channel Creator (UPDATED)

I.R.on aka WiiCrazy has updated his PC based utility "Crap" to 2.5b. Crap is a easy to use channel creator to be used for creating custom channels on your Nintendo Wii.

So in what ways does this app differ from similar applications?
1. First of all it's the first configurable channel creator...

2. Unlike similar programs Crap has all it's features natively implemented. It doesn't invokes command line programs.. So it's not a mere gui.
AlexDp's wbfs manager should be put aside since that program also does it's magic natively without support from command line programs.

3. Because of above difference, Crap is way a lot faster than it's counterparts.

4. It has a banner sanity check for banner bricks which other programs doesn't have. Though it's still recommended to have means of banner unbricking before use.

5. You can install created channels directly using network.
  • Batch mode not working with new loaders issue fixed and some nice
    progress bar & status text added.
  • Added Conf. Usb Loader as a loader courtesy of oggzee. Remember
    this one is not a forwarder and it's the actual boot.dol distributed with
    the official Conf. Usb Loader releases. To update it just replace
    ConfUsbLoader.dol under the Loaders folder with the updated dol from
    Conf. Usb Loader distribution. It doesn't support partition selection yet
    but hopefully will be in future releases.

  • Usb loader GX forwarder added. 
  • Now there are two Configurable USB Loader forwarders, one launches
    the loader with splash screen, the other one without.
  • Added support for argument passing into the forwarders.
    With Conf. Forwarder for example :
    ios=223-mload (you can choose ios)
    video=ntsc (choose the video mode)
    ocarina=1 (activate ocarina)
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Source (new)

DayPR Installer

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to install the latest update of lilmnm's homebrew cheat utility DayPR? Well, he's back to release DayPR Installer, a homebrew app that installs DayPR Rev.6 beta in your ISO folder.

As you can see this is a CSO I got bored during the writing of this so eh thought of something new to use. This Installer Installes DayPR Rev.6 -- Beta! but this one has some holiday themes in it. This installer Writes to your Game.txt.

  • Put the CSO into Your ISO folder in the root of your memory Stick and run it this installer creats the files for you.
  • BUT this installer dose not install and cheats for you you can get some from the app called CheatUP or if you used
  • DayPR Before then don't worry about the cheats.
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