Saturday, June 6, 2009

Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-A is now available!


  • COMPATIBILITY PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3
  • Reading of plays PS1
  • Reading of the backups of plays PSP
  • GEN VSH FINELY available
  • Recovery in VSH available (some bugs remains to be regulated - to see further)
  • Access to the PSN
  • Etc
Known Bugs:

The RECOVERY MODE of the 5.02GEN-A was patché to turn on the PSP-3000. It makes it possible to modify the majority of the usual options. Note that we some problems with this recovery in VSH and will undoubtedly have to be awaited a patch encounters correction so that it is functional at 100%. Note that SMALL GEN VSH functions, him, very well.

Here menus and their equivalents:

  • Togle USB = OK
  • configuration ok
    • Sony skip: do not go (useless thus not engraves)
    • Hide corrupt let us icons = walk not and activeSkip Sony logo
    • range folder HB ok
    • autorun EBOOT ok
    • fake area ok
    • use vsh finely ok
    • XMB USB Device ok
    • Charge device with usb ok
    • Use M33 network update ok
    • use version TXT ok
    • hide MAC ok
  • use range ok categories
  • Reboot in official firmware > nonfunctional
  • Run program At = Finely advanced
  • advanced = CPU SPEED
  • CPU SPEED = Plugins
  • plugins = registry hack
  • registry hack = suspends device
  • device = reboot in official firmware suspends
  • Reset system = quit
The README further notes that:
  • When you installed the custom firmware in your flash you can remove the "files" folder in the MS ROOT. For your own safety, is better that you rename or erase the prx called "flasher.prx" in the MAIN APP folder to avoid wrong flash times.
  • If you shutdown the machine or the psp crash, you will need use again ChickHEN R2 to load the main app and press O to reboot in the custom firmware, but if you dont shutdown the machine you are in the custom firmware forever.


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