Saturday, July 18, 2009

ChickHen R2 fix for PSP-2000 / 3000 (PSP slim)

Gone tired of using ChickHEN R2 and ChickHEN MOD version over and over? Good thing chickut123 has released an alternative "slim.tiff" image that will load your cursed PSPs to HEN environment.

Are you tired of trying again and again to make ChickHen R2 work? Well with this fix ChickHen R2 will take 99.999% of the time. This will only work for PSP-2000,3000 because only the slim.tiff has been improved. What are you waiting for, Give it a try!

Requirements...PSP-2000 / 3000
ChickHen R2 installed

Instructions... replace the slim.tiff in PHOTO with this one. It's as easy as that!

Known Bugs... Can't have any other photos on the memstick for some reason it doesn't ever load up. Currently working on it.

fix by m0skit0

Download: ChickHen R2 fix for PSP-2000 / 3000
Source: tehskeen


  1. This No Fix Mod Please Chek And post
    Any One Have Fix Mod Method

  2. Wii no see your cat here Sir... lols! just kidding. Ive never tested this one, I don't need this since i'm using psp-2000 model TA-085 mobo.