Saturday, July 18, 2009

CTF Tool GUI v2 Released

CTF Tool GUI Screenshot

Coming straight from greg's (psp-hacks) words, here's the CTF Toll version 2...

I just tried this out [converting a CTF 5.00 theme to 5.50] with patpat’s new CTF Tool GUI v2…

My PSP: an all-capable Slim running 5.50 GEN-B; I’m also using this modified version of CXMB for 5.50 GEN.

But before you hit that download link patpatwarns us that the conversion process from 5.00 to 5.50 is still on beta and may not always work. But as the news source said, it worked perfectly fine.

CTF Tool GUI v2
CXMB for 5.50 GEN
PSP Themes

Source: psp-hacks


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