Friday, July 24, 2009

Dop-IOS v7.0 (Updated)

Dop-IOS v4

Marc is back with his Dop-IOS now on version 7. It lets you download and install any IOS from Nintendo servers. You can also apply the trucha bug to them.

  • Download any IOS from Nintendo servers
  • Select between oldest version or newest version of any IOS
  • You can apply the signature hash check (trucha) again
  • You can also apply ES_Identify function patch to IOS36 (useful for AnyTitle Deleter and >3.4 users)
  • Protection: you cannot install stubs. You could get a brick if you install an stub IOS that your System Menu uses. If you want them, just update through Wii menu or disc.
  • Stores files on SD: you can reuse all your downloaded IOS with Dop-IOS or another application.
  • Shows your IOS versions
Changes on version 7:
  • Fixed 'IOS62' bug.
  • Added IOS56 (WiiSpeak channel users only).
  • Added short descriptions to IOS selection.

Download: Dop-IOS v7.0
Source: wiibrew


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