Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MegaMan: The Power War (Episode 1)

Coder NickyP has released MegaMan: The Power War (Episode 1), it's an OpenBOR modification based on the MegaMan Power Battle/Fighters games. This have five characters and an ally for every fighter.

As I've stated above, this mod's gameplay style gets its inspiration from the MegaMan Power Battle/Fighters games. So, those who have played those games before will know exactly what to do.. to those who haven't: this is basically an arcade-style boss rush game.

Initially the game will appear to only be for two players. To add more, simply go to Options -> System Options to change the max amount of players!


This mod uses the attack1-4, special, and jump buttons.

A description of what each does:
Attack1 - Fires normal buster shot
Attack2 - Summon a helper (more on this soon)
Attack3 and Attack4 - Dodge (you can also dodge by pushing Forward twice and Attack1)
Special - For most characters, this will preform a charge shot.

Remember to set these controls in Options->Control Options->Setup Player #!

PSP users: Simply use the eboot I have provided in .rar. Place MPW1.pak into PSP/Game/MMPW/Paks
Download: MegaMan: The Power War (Episode 1)
Source: lavalit


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