Thursday, July 16, 2009

ndSuperRes v1.0

ndsuperres - Image 1

Filippo Battaglia (pegasus2000) gives us his new application ndSuperRes, a demo of super-resolution algorithm running on PSP through Nanodesktop.

Super-resolution (SR) are techniques that in some way enhance the resolution of an imaging system. There are different views as to what is considered an SR technique: some consider only techniques that break the diffraction-limit of systems, while others also consider techniques that merely break the limit of the digital imaging sensor as SR. Filippo Battaglia at Visilab Research Center of the University of Messina has demonstrate the possibility of executing a SR algorithm on a simple embedded device as the Sony Playstation Portable. This result shall be possible through the use of Nanodesktop SDK. The program ndSuperRes is the homebrew that results from these researches and studies.

Download: ndSuperRes v1.0
Source: qj


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