Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PSN License Manager v0.22

PS Network

Light_AleX’s PSN License Manager 0.22 released.

Use PSN License Manager to swap in and out licenses eliminating the need to deactivate/reactivate your hand-held; you know, when purchasing PSN goodies from different regions and such. PSN License Manager incorporates a “slot” system (up to 30) allowing multiple licenses to be saved in designated slots.

Don’t get the wrong idea now — PSN License Manager is not intended for distributing and/or using illegitimate licenses. It won’t happen. See the readme for usage instructions.

Words from greg of psp-hacks (I always quote him coz his the most credible news source for psp, and I'm just too tired to post).☺

Download: PSN License Manager v0.22
Source: psp-hacks


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