Tuesday, July 21, 2009

StartPatchv4.1 (Updated)

Nintendo Wii StartPatch v4.0 for HomeBrew Firmware 4.0 out!

Aquilino released startpatch 4.1 PAL & NTSC-U. If you're familiar with crediar's Starfall, it's like that. You can customize it as much as you want just like preloader (patches the system menu and with some other tweeks). Use at your own risk.

  • Region free
  • Region free channels
  • Region free channels sd card menu
  • skip update check
  • No health check
  • recovery menu press Y NGC-PAD 1rt port
  • Remove diag disc check
  • Force Disc Region
  • Remove NoCopy Protection
  • move disc channel
  • For autoboot game, install Recovery menu press Y NGC-PAD 1rt port and Remove diag disc check

-risk the brick my wii?
-yes, only whether Power
-use as¿?
-launch dol in (HBC)or others launchers ,gecko os,etc
-I need for work StartPatchv4.1?¿
-(HBC)or others launchers
-(CIOS) 249 installled
-uses Cios 249, new ios 36 don't truchabug and gives failure to read the sysmenu
-I can use it in another sysmenu?
-no, patches are only for SM4.1,values are different in another sysmenu
-apply patches with preloader installed or softmii?
- yes

StartPatch 4.1 - PAL
StartPatch 4.1 - NTSC-U
StartPatch 4.1 - NTSC-J

Source: tehskeen


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