Wednesday, July 29, 2009

uLoader v2.8B

uLoader by Hermes is now on version 2.8B. uLoader is based on Kwiirk's YAL and Waninkoko's Wii USBloader that supports 2 custom IOS (cIOS222 and cIOS249) and launch es your "backups" from a USB device.

  • Better USB core
  • Warning message if an external ehcmodule.elf is loaded (SD:\apps\uloader.ehcmodule.elf)
  • Version 2.8 with Ocarina and forced Video
  • Compatible with Rock Band and other peripherals that use USB.
  • Dol alternative supports and corrects error 002.
  • Added support for channels using forwarder.dol and Loadstructor.

NOTE: You must include the new custom IOS 222 2.6 (using the installer menu). CIOs this is incompatible with earlier versions
Note2: You can only use the USB port 0, ie if the tombs below the console. The other peripherals is reserved for the console but you can use it to feed a 2.5''hard drive.

Download: uLoader v2.8B
Source: tehskeen


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