Wednesday, July 22, 2009

uLoader version 2.7

Hermes released uLoader version 2.7, a USB loader for the Nintendo Wii based on Kwiirk's YAL and Waninkoko's Wii USBloader.

What's new?
  • Support for SD and USB FAT/FAT32: Now you can use cheats codes and loads alternative .dol from the USB 2.0 device
  • (FAT partition is required)
  • Added alternative dol loader (new method in 2.8!) for games as Red Steel and others (see readme.txt) , new error 002 patch and videomode autodetection patch (for PAL2NTSC, NTSC2PAL and NTSC2PAL60 (use F. PAL60 for this))
  • You can load differents ehcmodule.elf from sd:/apps/uloader/
  • Parental control added: by default the password is 00000 (the last 0 is the 'ENTER', so you can program as new password as XXXX0 ). You can change it from special menu pressing HOME. You can exits from the password box pressing B.
  • Parental control list the last 8 games launched with date/time, enables the password box and fix a new password. Now 00000 disables the Parental Control
  • Support for covers (<200kb> tiny_ehci_glue.c
  • * The patch for dip/es is not necessary for hombrew, but it only is a bypass way to connect with external dip_plugin anddo not includes modules or binary files
  • * Added a example/ Starlet módule to use FAT/FAT32 for log messages or to create/open files in the SD memory
Download: uLoader v2.7
Source: tehskeen


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