Monday, July 20, 2009

Wadder 3.0 News

For all of you who enjoys customizing your Wii (like me) here are the news from Xuzz (formerly icefire):

WADder 3.0 is finished. I just need some experts in packaging to help me get an exe made of the python! If you want to try it out just come on IRC and ask. New feature: no temp files created at all! Completely done in memory (even U8, WAD, TPL, etc)!

Other new thing: I wrote a NUS WAD Packer (and Downloader) that I will release as well once I figure out to pack the exes. This supports scripting (so you can save scripts for other people to download!), and even will create the scripts for you. It also has download queueing, decrypting of contents that works 100%, and performs a “wadinfo” on the resulting files. Also available for testing on IRC – though I’m pretty sure its bugless!

Source: wadder


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