Monday, July 27, 2009

Waninikoko's Custom IOS (cIOS) revision 14

This is a Custom IOS, an IOS modified to add new features not available in the official IOS. This IOS has been created to be used ONLY with homemade software. The Custom IOS installs as IOS249 and does not modify any other IOS so it is safe to install.


- Support for games with new error 002.
- DIP plugin updated (cover commands emulation fixed).
- ES plugin updated.
- FFS plugin updated.
- EHCI module improved.
- SDHC module improved.
- FAT module improved.
- Implemented new anti error 001 system.
- Anti error 002 system removed.
- NAND emulation system added (from SD/USB device).
- Content override system added (from SD/USB device).
- System Menu support (Disc Channel works again).
- Installer support for cBoot2.
- Installer support for all IOS.
- Some bugs fixed.

Download: cIOS revision 14 from gamingexposed (aka softmii)
Source: teknoconsolas


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