Monday, July 20, 2009

Wii System Menu Replacement

Now here's a great idea coming from rolyataylor2...

I got a package going using GRRLIB, I would appreciate help, I need a few people to work with me to get this project up and running, This main code of this project will not be open source but other sections will be according to the coders request.

Some things I need:
  • Art
  • CPP Classes that handle FTP and Python.
  • Wiibrew page help.
  • Youtube promo videos
  • Also when the project is stable enough I would like to create and installer using Bannerbomb to install it as a ios replacement.
Here is a download that has no real functionality but shows my progress so far. This is my first Wii project, I would like to hear some ideas.
Download of its progress is at the source and if there's anything you need, make sure you go to the source and let your idea count in...

Source: tehskeen


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