Monday, July 20, 2009

XMB RCO Patcher Beta 1

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thecrazyness1 released XMB RCO Patcher Beta 1. It's an application that will help you change your XMB waves, icons, sounds, and other items on your PSP. If you like to customize your PSP then this one will help you more on it. And did I forgot to mention that ChickHEN users can apply on their cursed PSPs? ☺

This is the first BETA for XMB RCO Patcher BETA 1.

Finally CHICKEN users can customize their PSP's!

This program will let you change your background waves, icons, battery bar / busy signals, volume bar, clicksounds, and bootlogos safely without risk of brick because all files are read from the memory stick.

This program can be used VIA HEN or normal CFW. These files were tested with 5.00 M33 but should work with all newer firmwares.

Download: XMB RCO Patcher Beta 1
Source: qj


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