Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DayPR Rev.5+ Alpha

Homebrew coders lilmnm, kamikaze and the rest of team Rad Phoenix has released a new update for DayPR, a mod of SANiK's NitePR custom cheat code plugin for the PSP. The latest release has added RemoteJoyLite support, configuration, themes, new GUI and more.

This release Will include RemoteJoyLite, configuration, themes, Bold Text, a even better looking GUI, and an updated Game's Name code that shows the Real name of the game you are playing along with the Game's ID. I have two PRXs One with RemoteJoyLite and one without it. The one with out RemoteJoy has no major bugs, but the one with it RemoteJoy may cause your PSP to Freeze and Crash. Please let me know right away if there are any bugs that i didnt get so i can fix them right away.

Download: DayPR Rev.5+ Alpha
Source: tehskeen


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