Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DimTheLights v0.55

DimTheLights - Image 1

IJakel released his new homebrew application for the PSP, DimTheLights v.55. It's basically a plugin that attempts to remove your PSP as a light source. New in this release is the Hotkey, so you can use it as iR Remote in iRShell without screen.

You can also use it as a mouse with no screen in PSPVNC and PSPDISP, or you can just shut off the screen. It's battery-saving too. Other features are as follows:

  • Hot key L+R+O Will shut the screen off and will not come back on until hotkey is pressed allowing u to use as mouse and remote as mentioned.
  • If launched game from UMD; Plugin will not disable the umd drive thus not crashing.
  • Sets PSP Volume to 0 on startup.
  • Turns off LEDs
  • Stops UMD Drive on startup
  • Dims the backlight as far as it will go. [Phat and Slim differentiate]
  • When coming back from standby, the LEDs will remain off.
  • If you would like to play a game. You may hold L Trigger on startup of psp and it will not disable umd, but you can re-enable it with the hotkey. Just an added feature
  • Hot key Left Trigger and Note will enable the leds and put the brightness to normal visa versa.
  • Hot key Left Trigger and Volume Down will disable the UMD drive while in any mode (XMB, Game, Pops)
  • Hot key Left Trigger and Volume Up will re-enable the UMD driver, allowing the use of your UMD games/videos.

Download: DimTheLights v0.55
Source: qj


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