Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FCE Ultra GX Forwarder

FCEU GX Forwarder (by wilsoff)

Application Description:

  1. Channel Name: FCEU GX
  2. Channel ID: FCEX
  3. Blocks: 14
  4. Type: Animated. Custom brlyt files by wilsoff/Custom graphics by Mr_Nick666
  5. Wii Settings:Working
  6. SDHC Compatible: Yes
  7. The forwarder should attempt to load (in this order):
  • sd:\apps\fceugx\boot.dol
  • sd:\fceugx\boot.dol
  • usb:\apps\fceugx\boot.dol
  • usb:\fceugx\boot.dol
Install this using WAD Manager.

Download: FCE Ultra GX Forwarder
Source: the playground


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