Saturday, August 1, 2009

Freedom (public beta 3)

Crediar is back with his System Menu replacement for the Nintendo Wii. Please ensure to read the bundled read me file to know what's the risks.

-Fixed cover loading on disc change (or slot change for USBloader)
-Fixed random cover scaling
-Included a standalone version of Freedom which works best with preloader, since that
way you can select the IOS otherwise it will just reloaded the current one.
-Added more error output to the installer
-Added NAND space info to the settings menu (note:the Wii system reserves about 200MB)
-Added a config file to adjust all displayed items to allow more adjustable themes.
Check the supplied gfx.ini.
-Added code to detect disc eject/insert
-Channel loading is now done 'by hand' and not through IOS or via the NANDloader,
this will allow ocarina to work with all channels(as soon as I find the ocarina code)
(lz77 version 11 decompression code by TheLemonM )

Download: Freedom 0.3b
Source: gaming exposed


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