Monday, August 31, 2009

GameCategories v4

GameCategories Screenshot (Multiple MS Mode)

O.C. application on your XMB bounces back with GEN 5.50 support and other changes...

  • Recoded entire project.
  • Added support for 5.50 GEN.
  • Added new mode, “Context menu”, see below for more information (this replaces pre-game-menu mode).
  • Added new option under System Settings to pick your mode instead of the ctrl combo.
  • Added possibility to translate the plugin to your own language.
  • Order of your categories is now calculated from their modification time instead of randomly.
  • Changed remap code, a lot of character and count limits should now be gone or decreased, including SCE limits.
  • Show All option was removed in order to aid the removal of certain limits.
  • Fixed compatibility with a lot plugins.
Download: GameCategories v4
Source: psp-hacks


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