Friday, August 21, 2009

NEO Summer Coding Compo Homebrew

Here's a list of applications and games from talented people on the PSP homebrew scene. Participants and entries for this NEO Summer Coding Compo Homebrew are:

PSPconsole v1.7 by Hotter

Do all this straight from the XMB…

* Quickly see battery info.
* Delete, cut, copy, rename, create, view properties of file/folder, set them hidden/read-only.
* View text files
* View and edit with hex editor.
* View loaded threads, modules files.
* Use alarm clock.
* Play C snake, Tetris, Pong.
* Sort your games and homebrews.
* Use calculator.
* View calendar.

DayViewer Beta 4 by Total_Noob

You know what’s up… We covered this one before… DayViewer adds the day of the week to the VSH.

Beta 4 changes:

* Added support for 5.03, 5.05 and 5.50
* Made code more dynamic, should no longer require an update each fw
* Improved the main code
* Improved flashing of prx on installer
* PRX size smaller

PSPTweaker v2.0 by ab5000

PSPTweaker is a multi-purpose app to perform various operations on your PSP, such as registry hacks, cleaning the system of temp or unnecessary files, and more…

PSN License Manager v0.40 by Light_AleX

Again, you know the deal… Learn more about PSN License Manager right here. Simply put: manage multiple PSN licenses of purchased content from different regions without deactivating/reactivating your console.

AVEC V1 – GPS Vector Map Viewer by Art

AVEC is a Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating maps in the common Polish format maps. The 1.50 kernel version can also receive location from a GPS device and display your location on the map. If the map file has street information, the program tells you what street you are in, or look up the name of a street selected with the cross hair.

The 1.50 version should be installed to GAME150. If you have a GPS setup for MapThis! it will be compatible since it uses the same GPS routines. The newer firmwares version should be installed to PSP/GAME352 or
PSP/GAME5xx, etc.

Random Shooter – Space Shoot ‘Em Up by Zack

Random Shooter is a PSP port of the game of the same name by parellelRealitys. With a few adjustments and enhancements. The object of the game is to achieve the highest score possible as you battle against an army of UFO’s. You only have one life, 1 hit and your dead. Classic retro style action.

My Snake Pet by leviadragon

My snake pet is a Tamagotchi. Instead of the pet there is Snake from Metal Gear Solid… I leave to your imagination how much this can be funny!

Portable Bubble v2.0 by Gefa

Just a few posts down… Portable Bubble is the Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble clone.

Download straight from psp-hacks


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