Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Open SRAM Language Modifier v4.0

Developer notes:
This is an application to toggle sram settings such as the mono/stereo setting and the language used by gamecube games and the system IPL. The goal of this app is to make PAL gamecube games run on a NTSC gamecube/wii with the desired language, because all PAL games will play in english on a NSTC environment.

This is a clone of emu_kidid's sram language modifier 1.1 and it has the same features.

I made this in the hope of it working on the wii, using yagd and libogc functions.


The "open" is just to differ it from emu_kidid's, as he lost the source and I couldn't find a better name, sorry for that.
-suloku 2009

How to use:
Run the application on a wii or gamecube by any method (homebrew channel package provided)and you will be shown your current language and audio settings as well as the controls. Use Z button or down button on wiimote to toogle the audio setting and use the other buttons to set the language setting. The changes are saved in the SRAM, so you might run this only once.

There are some reports that using the disc channel to run the gamecube game will change the sram values to those of the system menu. Therefore, use an alternative loading method, such as Gecko OS or GCBooter.

Download: Open SRAM Language Modifier v4.0
Source: wiibrew


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