Friday, August 21, 2009

PeriodicPSP v1.0

period - Image 1

Here's another entry from NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009. Homebrew coder JamesC gives his homebrew app called periodicpsp; a full-pledge periodic table for PSP that contains info on different elements and includes the Lanthanoids and Actinoids series.

Developer's note:

periodicpsp is a full Periodic table of the elements that contains 14 different pieces of information for each element. This also includes the Lanthanoids and Actinoids series. To install the app, You MUST have a 1.50 kernel for this to work. Put the "periodicpsp" and"periodicpsp%" into your GAME or GAME150 folder on your memory stick. This will work with windows luaplayer, but won't look how its meant to due to the alpha channel being used (which is unsupported on windows lua player)

Download: periodicpsp v1.0
Source: qj


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