Friday, August 14, 2009

PSP Go Features!

For the mean time, im going to stick with my PSP-2000 model but let's take a look on the latest news on PSP Go!

The pre-release sample of the new hardware arrived with an unreleased firmware revision: 5.70. This may or may not be the system software that ships with the retail unit coming on 1st October. 5.70 does feature a number of changes over the current 5.51 operating system.

Not surprisingly, it’s the Settings area of the XMB that gets the lion’s share of the changes:

* Network Update is now listed as System Update, but, curiously, has the same options.
* Video Settings obviously doesn’t have the first four UMD-related toggles.
* System Settings now has a “Your Birth Date” option (second from top), and a “Display Panel Close Option” toggle, which allows you to set it to either “Standard” (goes to a clock graphic) or “Enter Sleep Mode”. Also “Battery Information” seems to be gone, as do UMD-related options, but there’s a “Format System Storage” option in addition to the usual Memory Stick format option.
* Power Save Settings loses the “Backlight Auto-Adjust” option for some reason.
* There’s a new “Bluetooth Device Settings” entry, which consists of a toggle for switching Bluetooth on and off and a “Manage Bluetooth Devices” entry.

Hooking up the PSPgo to a Mac via USB, we find that the total available storage available to the user is 14.74GB, formatted in the FAT32 configuration (hence introducing a 4GB file-size limit).

Sony has opted out of using a conventional USB cable format on the new handheld. The PSPgo itself uses a wider, thinner connector for the console, terminating in the standard USB connector. So, similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s proprietary cable time. It also appears as though Sony has moved away from the old AV port that debuted on the PSP-2000 – there’s a common-or-garden 3.5mm stereo jack connection for headphones only, not the more traditional extended interface with its support for external remotes and the like.

Source: psp-hacks


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