Monday, August 10, 2009

Triiforce Beta 3

The powerful cast of Nicksasa, TheLemonMan and WiiPower have released TriiForce beta 3, it's an open source channel loader which will have support for nand emulation, patches, and possibly ocarina.

Q: What is TriiForce?
A: It's a VC/WiiWare launcher that launches channels that are installed on nand. Support for nand emu is planned, support for 4.0 sd menu won't be implemented. Coders are: Nicksasa, The Lemon Man and WiiPower.

Q: What's to test NOW?(will be updated with each new version)
A: Game compatibilty, not correct displayed names, games missing in the list, glitches. In beta 3 please test if you get more games to play with correct colors as with beta 2. Please report enough information in the 1st post already and not after 10 Q&A.

Q: Why do that now?
A: Many people want a VC/WiiWare launcher from nand emu. If a loader is not even working for nand, it won't work for nand emu.

Requirements for TriiForce:
- a cIOS installed, rev7 or higher should work
(playing from nand emu will require a cIOS with nand emu, but that's not implemented yet)

Known bugs:
- (Not a bug, but people complain Some VC/WiiWare titles from the wrong region can only be played with "Default Video Mode" and is in wrong colors then, and maybe has a jumping screen
- Some VC/WiiWare freezes with a black screen when started with certain video modes. The reason for this is still totally unclear.

Download: Triiforce Beta 3
Source: tehskeen


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