Monday, August 10, 2009

Turn!it by Preyker

Hey guys,

maybe you wanna try out my new game called "Turn!t" (Pronounced: Turn It )

About the game:

First of all, this is open source, so you can mod/ expand/ destroy it at your will. The goal of the game is simple as this: Don't lose
On the screen there's a picture rotating all the time. Your task is, to turn your PSP to keep the picture horizontally. Because only then you can read the "hidden" hint telling you what button to press in order to proceed and to not get a "Fail". You just have one second to press the right button, otherwise you get the already mentioned fail. After 5 fails you are game over. Who's straining himself a bit is able to read the hint though without turning the PSP, but that's not the real sense, is it?

Download: Turn!it
Source: dcemu


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