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TVUPlayer: Live TV on the PSP!

VettaCossX-AlphA give us some guides on how to get live TV on our PSPs...

Had this in a text doc i apprently saved the tut and never posted it credit to ??whoever?? that made the tut originally but i thought i would share.

Things needed:
1. PMP VLC v0.0.9
2. VLC Media Player
3. A WIFI connection
4. TVUPlayer
4. A PSP with custom firmware

1. Download PMP VLC v0.0.9 and extract contents to a folder.

2.Install vlc media player wich is easily available on the net

3. Copy folders PMPVLC009_JockyW and PMPVLC009_JockyW% to your PSP GAME folder.

4. Inside the PMPVLC009_JockyW folder you will find a PMP.ini file. Double click and it should open in notepad, if not do it yourself.

5. delete all the stuff in there and paste in the following stuff:

# Net Io Config
con = 1;
vlc_server = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX;
vlc_port = 8080;

pmp_server = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX;
pmp_port = 3333;

debug = 0;

videopath1 = c:\Movies\;
videopath2 = ;
videopath3 = ;
videopath4 = ;
videopath5 = ;

musicpath1 = c:\Music\;
musicpath2 = ;
musicpath3 = ;
musicpath4 = ;
musicpath5 = ;

dvd_drive = e:

# VLC transcoding settings
res_horiz = 360;
res_vert = 272;
use_avc_hw = 0;
vid_codec = DIV3;
vid_bitrate = 600;
vid_fps = 25;
venc = x264{me=dia,subme=1,analyse=none,bframes=0,b-adapt=none,chroma-me=none,merange=1};

aud_codec = mp3;
aud_bitrate = 48;
aud_channels = 2;
resample = 0;
aud_samplerate = 44100;

container = ogg;

# live stream server
liveserver = 192.XXX.XXX.XXX;
liveport = 1234;

6. Now click File--Save, then change all the 192.XXX.XXX.XXX to the ip of the computer running VLC Media Player (which we installed earlier)

7. To find out your ip in windows--Click on Start--Run. in the box type cmd and hit enter. Now in the DOS command prompt type ipconfig and hit enter. Your ip is now displyed. Change yours then save again.(and dont go online and type in find my ip in google because that will be incorrect)

8. Now install TVUPlayer. and run it

9. Now Go to the place thhat you installed TVU player in and open a log.txt file in there and go down and you should see a code somewhere there it should be 8901 (it always is ,but just to make sure incase it isnt Cheesy )

10. Now open VLC media player and go to file and click on Open Network Stream. In HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS type in the IP address you were using above (the one you are runnng VLC and TVUPlayer from and then add a colon and the port number from earlier so for example... tick on caching and put it put it around 500 , Then put a tick in Stream/Save and then click on settings.

11. In the Target box insert this code.


12. where 192.XXX.XXX.XXX:1234 is the IP of your PC, but leave the :1234

13. Now reopen TVUPlayer and choose your channel. It should show you the channel after it buffers up.

14. Back in VLC, click OK, then OK again and now you should be streaming TVUPlayer. VLC should have a “timer” running in the bottom left of the program window.

15. Now on your PSP and run the PMPVLC009_JockyW homebrew from the game folder, Keep your WiFi buttun in the on mode (push the buttun on the left side of the psp up)

16.R Trigger to enable wireless. should now say Network ON and on the right you should see VLC server mode in green.

18. Now press Select, scroll down to Live Stream and hit Circle.

19. You should now see a black screen with Loading… for a few seconds then your TV should appear. If the image pops up but is distorted, just press Square and then Select and choose Live Stream again and it should work again.

X button pauses your live TV, the X resumes again. Square stops and brings you back to main menu.

To change the channel press [ ] on your psp and on your PC go to the vlc media player that is streaming and press File--->Network Stream--->Settings and now change the channel on TVU player now on the VLC media player press OK and OK again.

TVUPlayer for PSP
alternative link from
alternative link from sendspace
Source: pspplayground


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