Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wiiflow StarNight Channel

Jiiwah & Oops are proud to present you their first animated channel... Wiiflow StarNight!

Name : Wiiflow StarNight Channel.wad
Forwarder :
* SD:/apps/wiiflow/boot.dol
* USB:/apps/wiiflow/boot.dol if nothing to SD (For a possible compatible version)
Blocks : 28
Code : Jiiwah - A big majority of the code were made by me thanks to Benzin.
Graphx : Highjah & Oops - The logo was created by Highjah
Music : Oops - Synchronization with the passage of the comet and creation of the loop.
Music Title : Le vol du condor - Les mysterieuses citee d'or. (french cartoon)

Download: Wiiflow StarNight Channel
Source: wadder


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