Tuesday, August 18, 2009

XMB Tweakshop for 5.00 M33

XMB TweakShop - Image 1

PSP homebrew dev thecraziness1 has released XMB TweakShop, a gameboot editor built for CFW 5.00 M33. Formerly known as Gameboot Editor +, this app lets you flash gameboots, bootsounds, bootlogos, waves, and even visualizers. It also has a recovery feature and a built-in file browser.

Here's what's been added since Gameboot Editor V.4+'s release:
  • Improved security checks
  • Now will fully lock out HEN users to prevent damage from they're systems
  • More secure recovery options
  • A brand new recovery Eboot that can be run from the psp's recovery menu that will also allow you to restore your original recovery customization settings, and also run other programs from within the program so by launching the "RUN PROGRAM AT: PSP/ GAME / RECOVERY / EBOOT.PBP " option you can gointo recovery OR Run any other program / game on your memory stick.
  • You now have the ability to flash: Gameboots, 01-12 BMP's, Bootsounds, Clicksounds, Font, Icons, Bootlogos, OSK, Visualizer's, Volume Bars, and Waves.
  • Implemented the new UPDated version of PSPlugin Manager (which will now automatically install / Uninstall Lockdown XMB and choose the correct version for your PSP.
  • Full File Browser that lets you browse your memory stick for XMB Tweakshop compatible files and when selected the files will automatically be added to XMB Tweakshop and after they are added you will be asked to name the folder they are in.
  • You have the ability to flash one file at a time or with FlashGate you can select every file you want to flash and apply them all at once.
  • A SECRET Customizable that a lot of people don't know about. ( If you can find the button combination to access it)

Download: XMB Tweakshop for 5.00 M33
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