Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daedalusx64 Alpha 431 - Nintendo 64 Emulator for PSP

daedalusx64 - Image 1

Daedalusx64 Alpha revision 431 is now available on the SVN.


  • Implemented ClearZbuffer
  • Added a hack for South Park Rally (It should be playable now)
  • Blendmodes for Mortal Kombat 4 (Menus and Text is visible now)
  • Added DLParser_GBI0_DL_ShadowOfEmpire WIP code
    Added correct savetype for MK4, and 2 more games will use Double Display and OoT Nightmare Mod been added on rom.ini..
    VertexStride and such for ShadowOfEmpire ( takes care of ghosting and other glitches on SOTE)
  • Lens of truth fix for OOT
    Removed leftovers from 3.71 [ It might brake some stuff..]

Download: Daedalusx64 Alpha 431
Source: dcemu


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