Monday, September 21, 2009

DaedalusX64 Alpha revision 430

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The DaedalusX64 team is back to release a new update for the Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP. Notable features of the latest alpha build of DaedalusX64 includes -- removed CFW 3.71 support, reduced Slim RAM cache for texels, reduced intrafont memory usage and some more code cleanups.

  • Debug console should not be initialized in Release mode - Salvy
  • Reverted Change to GBI2_ModifyVtx from Rev 416 (Fixes a couple titles that broke) - Salvy
  • Removed CFW 3.71 support (We require higher firmware anyway, fixes a few warnings)
  • Properly defined the FlatShadeDisabled hack and Added to options on Debug Build
  • Reduced Slim RAM cache for texels to same size as Phat (Large Cache is no longer needed and doesn't improve performance and can be used elsewhere)
  • Reduce Texel Cache size after large Texel ( >64K ) is used. Fixes crash on Phat (Tetrisphere goes in game on Phat and SSV doesn't crash when using select.)
  • Reduced intrafont memory usage (Used low mem font options)
  • Changed default deadzone to 28 to work better with "Well loved" PSPs
  • Cleaned-up more compiler warnings

Developer's note:

Please keep in mind these releases aren't marked as stable builds, but are works-in- progress using the latest SVN sources. They may/may not be stable or buggy.

Download: DaedalusX64 Alpha revision 430
Source: qj


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