Friday, September 11, 2009

Ebootr Beta

ebooter - Image 1
Homebrew coder indrora has released a beta version of his new app Ebooter, a homebrew replacement for PBP Unpacker that allows you to read and edit your PSP's PBP files.

Developer's note:

Ebootr is a replacement for PBP Unpacker. It was written in C# against the .NET 3.5 Runtime. If you keep your computer anywhere up to date, you should be fine. Otherwise, be sure to download it from Microsoft Its fast, except when copying data from large (i.e. >400MB) Eboots. On my 2.1Ghz box, it took ~10 seconds to create an eboot off of Final Phantasy Origins (keeping only DATA.PSAR and DATA.PSP and PARAM.SFO) For those interested, I've included my Eboot loader library in source form.

Download: Ebootr Beta
Source: qj


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