Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ewes v9

pbsds has released an update to Ewes. This app is written in AutoIt and it can do the following:
  • Extract the file from a Wad.
  • Extract the BINs from a Wad or 00.App.
  • Change the TitleID of a Wad.
  • Make a Wad RegionFree.
  • Make an 00.App file.
  • Extract Tpl`s from Wad`s, App`s and Bin`s.
  • Make a Wad out of a 00.App and Dol.
  • Convert a Tpl to Png.
  • Convert a Mp3 to a Sound.bin.
  • Convert a Elf to Dol.
  • Extract the Brlyt and Brlan from a wad or
  • Inject a file into a Wad.
  • Make a Banner or Icon.bin.
  • Extract the Opening.bnr from a Iso file.
  • Extract everyting from a Wad.
  • Browse the files inside the Wad Just like WinRAR does with Rar files.
  • Preview the tpl's in a wad, or bin file.
What's new?
- Added the ability to replace the files and repack the wad in the Wad browser.
- Changed the link in GUI to open a new GUI instead and show the latest updates about the the progress in the next release.
- Added a sound playing while the app runs. its possible to stop i
- Fixed the bug where the wadbrowser didn't open a new wad if a wad already was open.
Download: Ewes v9
Source: tehskeen


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