Friday, September 4, 2009

Firmware Downgrader v1.21 mod

Attila has released a modification to Firmware Downgrader 1.1, now calling it Firmware Downgrader v1.21 mod. This tool can downgrade you're system menu, although t is NOT recommended to do so anymore!

What's new since 1.2?
- Display version number in the same time that the disclaimer.
- Fixed a bug that prevented reading the wad file menu system from the SD (again, sorry ^ ^).
- Display ios needed without "sd: /" in front.
- Possibility to cancel the network boot by holding B while the latter.
- An audit of Boot2 whether the downgrade can damage the console.
- A reading of the wad files needed on the SD card to enable downgrade without internet.
- Added support the GameCube pad
- Remove 2.1J and 2.1U since they are not present on the servers Nintendo
- Improvement when trying to connect

For the downgrade without internet, you must place the files in the root of the SD card. For example, for the Wii 3.2:

You must have a Custom IOS downgrader to your Wii.
Note: This tool can severely damage your Wii if you do not know how to sue or what you are doing. I will not be held responsible for damage that can be caused to the console using this tool. Make a dump of your nand with BootMii in boot2 for more safety.

Download: Firmware Downgrader v1.21 mod
Source: tehskeen


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