Saturday, September 5, 2009


FONTOOL is able to integrate different fonts, directly from your PSP.

Just start the game menu apicación from two screenshots and you will automatically advance to the language selection menu. With the arrow keys up and down selects the desired language. Once selecionado you to a second menu where you can choose between two themes, one green and one blue. When you've chosen aprecerá the program menu.

* New source: This option will take you to a file browser where you can choose to install the file. Pgf to previously placed in the folder: PSP/GAME/FONTOOLV.0.3/FUENTES or downloaded from internet sources, which are installed Also from this menu.
* Original source: Clicking this option will install the font that you bring the PSP to default.
* Change theme: With this option you can change the menu item (blue, green).
* Change language: In this option you can change the menu language.
* Download source: This option will take you to another menu in which there are several options.
or - See sources, giving this option will connect to the internet and you will see the available sources (in future versions there will be over 10). To exit the sub-menu press START.
or - Download source ... With these 10 options you can download the source on which you noticed in view source. .

Once downloaded the source, you must exit the FONTOOL pressing HOME.

Re-entering the program will install the font from the menu, Install source.

Download: FONTOOL v0.4
Source: tehskeen


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