Friday, September 18, 2009

MacroFire v3.0.9

It’s the plugin y’all know and love from developer pen @ ClassG; it’s MacroFire version 3.0.9. Supersede your PSP controls to the max — remap buttons, adjust the analog nub sensitivity, enable rapid-fire on whichever button, and also record and execute button macros.

MacroFire 3.0.9 (Translated):

  • Status notification to correct the problem from ON to OFF to stop the game and had to switch.
MacroFire 3.0.8 (Translated):

  • Status notification had been unable to fix the problem to enable and disable it once.
  • At least once after opening the menu on the Status notification and to fix the problem was a strange view.
  • Remap settings (button reassignment), the work did not fix the problem by setting the analog stick before reassignment.
  • POPS fix the symptoms were greatly disturbed to open and close the menu screen during operation.
  • PopsLoader past versions of POPS in the state to display a menu that will work to fix the–had been flooded during the
  • previous menu display the sound emitted.
  • If not enough free memory to use extreme to display the menu, the menu at the top < Low Memory Mode > was listed as such. This view is itself in the past, has to be noted that more work in that mode now.
  • Low Memory Mode is not displayed well to the direction of the button configuration and analog stick in, fix the problem looks as if it had not been set.

Download: MacroFire v3.0.9
Source: psp-hacks


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