Saturday, September 5, 2009

Karaokii v0.05


Karaokii is just what its name says: a Karaoke for Wii.

It shows the lyrics from the song is playing by following the rhythm of the music. All files must be stored under /apps/Karaokii/songs/ in a SD card readable by Wii.

You can download some sample songs via Karaokii Download Center or use a Ultrastar one. You can send Karaokii made by you by contacting me (see my profile) or in discussion page of this article. A form would be available soon.

Music comes always in OGG format, although mod or mp3 support could be added in the future.
Karaokii features two kinds of lyrics: 'line karaoke' and 'word karaoke'.
It can read 'Ultrastar', 'Ultrastar-ng', 'Ultrastar deluxe' and 'Performous' lyrics files by renaming their extension to '.ki3'.
All '.kii', '.ki2' and '.ki3' can be 'image-scripted' to show animations while song playing.
Sorry about no voice recognizing by the moment ;), there are no microphone libraries yet.

Download: Karaokii v0.05
Source: wiibrew


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