Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving On?

Another dev moves on...

WADder has been fun. From the beginning, starting as a simple AutoIt hack to a total for four rewrites, I think I’ve put in plenty of time. However, I think this time has come to an end, as I haven’t turned on my Wii in months, and don’t think that I can continue. Sorry guys.
Here’s the latest (and last I’ll work on) code from WADder, all uploaded in a nice ZIP here.
If this goes down, PLEASE contact me to get it up again. Email is the best way, ice fire at xuzz (doooot) net. Not that hard, but please don’t get the spambots on it.
I think I’m going to move onto iPhone development. While I still prefer Python to Objective-C, its not a bad language and Cocoa is a very nice API, if a little controlling. Anyway, look out for releases from “icefire”, “Xuzz”, or any other nicks you guys know me by.

Here’s a short list of people that have helped me/WADder/MyMenu/etc along the way:

Original Folks:
  • djdynamite123 (first response to the original WADder idea thread!)
  • Mrkinator (original gfx guy, admin)
  • IronMask (really, wtf happened to you?)
  • djtaz (awesome hosting with no downtime, domain name, THANKS!)
  • deba94 (showed me IRC, cool guy, basis of WADder 1.x in his tutorial)
  • wichoxp (cool guy, original tutorial for WADder 1.x in spanish, etc)
  • Wiisel (fun, banners, help, etc)

Then, the “newer” crowd here on the site:
  • Jacol (lots of help, some coding, support, admin, etc)
  • Tempus (humor, TPL, translation of shit)
  • Wilsoff (inspiration for WADder 2.x — even if you didn’t know that)
  • All the beta testers!
  • All the other users!

Also, can’t forget the HACKERCHANNEL crowd:
  • megazig (zomg awesome codez)
  • SquidMan (teach me C , Zetsubou, benzin, etc)
  • comex (benzin, exploitz, etc)
  • Matt_P (BannerPlayer, also teach me C)
  • crediar (help with mymenuify)
  • Extrems (hosting!)
  • Galaxy| (NUS obsession, Wiimposter idea)

  • SoftMii guys (Jizmo, Skarface, etc — yes, I know I hated softmii for a while)
  • DigityDogs (fun, unbanning, theming)
  • marcan (lulz, fun, arguements)
  • bushing (unbanning — thnx again)
  • Everyone else I forgot. Yes, that means you, the person staring at this in disbelief I forgot them. Sorry. Maybe if you ask real nice I’ll add you

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