Tuesday, September 8, 2009


nubecoder has released ncWBFSTool, A user friendly WBFS manager with the best features available.

  • The goal of ncWBFSTool is to be a user friendly WBFS manager that is easy to use and has the best features available.
  • A compatible operating system (Windows XP ~ Windows 7)
  • .Net framework 2.0
  • A user friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Partition level drive support (notes below).
  • Format a partition to WBFS (protection against formatting the windows system drive).
  • Add games to a WBFS partition (ISO, CISO, and WBI file extensions supported).
  • Extract games from a WBFS partition to a PC hard drive (ISO, CISO, and WBI file extensions supported).
  • Remove games from a WBFS partition.
  • Copy games from a WBFS partition to another WBFS partition on the fly, drives with different sector sizes supported (notes below).
  • WBI file extension added, 100% identical to CISO format (notes below).
  • Uses a dll rather than an underlying command line application.
  • Progress reporting enhancements (more accurate).
  • No false positives from antivirus programs. =]
Development Info:
  • Developed and tested on 32 bit Windows XP (SP3).
  • Tested on 64 bit Windows 7 (automatically requests admin rights).

Download: ncWBFSTool
Source: tehskeen


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