Saturday, September 12, 2009

The NEO Summer Coding Compo 2009 Results!
Dr. neo have posted the winners of this years  NEO Summer Coding Compo:

The PSP Applications division with total of 9 entries:

  1. AVEC V2 - GPS Vector Map Viewer By: Art
  2. PSN License Manager 0.40 NeoEdition By: Light_AleX
  3. DayViewer Beta 4 NEO By: Total_Noob
  4. PSPconsole v1.7neo By: Hotter
  5. periodicpsp [v1.0] By: JamesC
  6. PSPTweaker v2.0 By: ab5000
  7. PSPCleaner 1.4 Beta NEO By: Migueliziosop
  8. AlphaBase v1.0 By: DekraN
  9. Spirograph v0.1 By: Freshmilk

The PSP Game division with a total of 11 entries:
  1. TibiaPSPv0.3 By: LuMa
  2. REminiscencePSP NeoFlash Edition By: Sektor
  3. Portable Bubble v2.0.0 By: Gefa
  4. Random Shooter - Space Shoot 'em up By: Zack
  5. BoxDestroyer v2.3 By: walar
  6. DiggerPSP NeoFlash Edition By: Sektor
  7. Lakeside By: Kasumi
  8. My Snake Pet By: leviadragon
  9. [WIP] Cubic Zombies By: A_Noob
  10. ImpGAME v2.1 By: Gefa

Source: neoflash


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