Sunday, September 20, 2009

NUS Downloader Folders Renamer Tool

Erik Spyder has released a new PC based tool for the Nintendo Wii, with this tool you can easily rename folders created by NUS Downloader.

NusFoldersRenamer automatically copies the contents in the correct folder.

This tool works with any valid folder created automatically by NUS Downloader.
For example, some apps need the files in the \00000001\00000024\v1042 format instead of the 0000000100000024v1042 format NUSD puts them in. So this is great for offline installs of cIOS and what not.

The author cannot be held responsible for any damage this program may cause!
  • Microsoft Framework 2.0 is required.
  • (Extract NusFoldersRenamer in NUS Downloader folder)

Download: NUS Downloader Folders Renamer Tool
Source: tehskeen


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