Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pimp My Wii 1.0

Attila site administrator of Wii-info.fr has released a homebrew app called "Pimp My Wii".
Here is "Pimp My Wii", an homebrew that will install missing and outdated titles from your Wii console.
A "title" can be an IOS or your Wii version. You can update your Wii securely using this homebrew and you can too update your Wii Shop to have the same advantages than the Wii 4.1 without these disadvantages.
The homebrew is displayed automatically in english or french depending of your Wii's language.
--------Correction of encountered problems----------
Here is a lit of common problems that you could have on your Wii (even on latest version) and the solutions that "Pimp My Wii" will do.

- Black screen at loading of dvd games :
Missing IOS -> Install those IOS (patching them)

- The Wii asks for an upgrade when inserting games :
Old IOS -> Update those IOS (patching them).

- A modified game (trucha signed) can't load on the disc channel with my modchip :
The IOS used by game has the trucha bug corrected -> Install a new IOS and patch the bug inside.
The IOS used by system menu has the trucha bug corrected -> Install a new IOS and patch the bug inside.

- The preloader and other homebrew does not work :
The IOS36 has the ES_Identify patched -> Install a new IOS 36 and patch the bug.

- I got reading problems with my backup launcher :
Old cIOS installed (older than rev14) -> Ask user to update this.

- No SD menu, no latest fonctionnality :
Old version of Wii (system menu, by example 3.2) -> Upgrade to 4.1 (but patching everything) for more compatibility, fonctionnality.

- The Wii Shop ask me to update :
Old version of Wii Shop (older than v16) -> Upgrade the newest version.

- I don't have any IOS that has the trucha bug (if you have a virgin Wii) :
The homebrew put the trucha bug back in IOS15

- I can't install the Hackmii Install, because i have some kind of cIOSCorp :
You need a unmodified IOS 34 -> Install this IOS.

!!!!!!!!!Leave the parameters by default if you don't know what you do ! A bad choice of "hacks" could leave your system unstable!!!!!!!!!!!!

-----------------Questions / answers----------------

- Does it works without internet ? / I got errors during download, what can i do ?
It works without internet, you just need to put necessary wad files to the root of the SD card, or of a USB device in FAT32.
Follow this (french) tutoriel to get those files : http://www.wii-info.fr/article-53-co...ios-chaine.htm
The necessary IOS are those, in their latest versions : 9,12,13,14,15,17,21,22,28,31,33,34,35,36,37,38,53, 55,56,57,60,61
To update the System Menu, you need the file RVL-WiiSystemmenu-vX.wad, where X is 448 for 4.1J, 449 for 4.1U, 450 for 4.1E and 454 for 4.1K.
For Wii Shop, you need RVL-Shopping-v16.wad

- I got the preloader, will it work ?
If you are not in 4.1 and if you accept the installation of this system menu, you will need to reinstall the preloader and the specifics hacks to this version. Follow this (french) tutoriel to install and configure preloader : http://www.wii-info.fr/article-52-in...-preloader.htm

- I have the preloader and i got "system files are corrupted", what can I do ?
If you have the preloader, you must patch "ES_Identify" on the IOS used by this. For Wii 4.x, it's IOS60, else it's IOS 30. Leave the parameters by default if you don't know what you do.

- I have a custom theme, will it stay ?
If you change your Wii version, you will lose all themes and you will need to reinstall a compatible theme with the version of System Menu you have.

- Should I upgrade my console to 4.1 ? I thougt I must stay to 3.2 ?
If you use this program to put your console to 4.1, you will have exactly the same advantages as a 3.2 Wii, but you will have the improvements of 4.1. You won't have any disadvantages to put your Wii to 4.1.

- Should I install all IOS asked ?
It is recommanded to install IOS indicated as "not present" and IOS 30, 34, 36 and 60. You should also leave parameters by default. If you install at least those, you will avoid most of problems.

- The other IOS, are they useless ?
For other IOS, patching them help launching Trucha Signed gamed on Wii with a modchip.

- I got a message saying that my Custom IOS is outdated, what can I do ?
Follow this (french) tutoriel to upgrade your cIOS : http://www.wii-info.fr/article-40-in...custom-ios.htm

Download: Pimp My Wii 1.0
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