Monday, September 14, 2009

Plea for Help...

Sometimes I want to drop by on WADder and make custom channels so I can contribute on Wii community or on the playground and make CTFs for PSP fans but since I always come home very tired from work, it is still a dream for me to give you something. I got a very complicated life I must say but after reading this few words, I've realized that I'm still lucky that I have this boss that yells at me when he's not happy with the results (since he doesn't know the whole operation of our job) and company's management that always gives pain in the ass for making stupid decisions that makes us (me and my officemates) suffer. 
I know that this is off topic but with these words... I'm trying my luck, in this small space...hoping that there will be a nice person who will read this and donate some for our fellow Dig.


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