Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PSP Mario Map Editor

pspmario - Image 1 

Homebrew coder dan369 has released the map editor of his homebrew game PSP Mario. The editor is simple and straight forward to use. It will feature collision tiles, normal tiles and enemies.
Sorry for the big delay, as many people know the school season has started so i'm in college doing AS levels, and trying to get used to the whole 'college' thing isn't easy. But anyway let's move on from excuses So for all instructions view the README! file (just open it up with any text editor) & everything you need to know is in there. It's a fairly simple, easy to use editor & once you get the hang of it, it isn't bad.
note: that I wrote this editor actually before i started using PGE, so thats why it's using Hm7. But I am doing a "in-game" editor with PGE.
Source: qj


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