Saturday, September 5, 2009

Triple Triad PSP v0.3

Triple Triad this out; Triple Triad PSP v0.3… It’s the Final Fantasy VIII mini-card games for your PlayStation Portable. That’s all I gotta say. The feature set and change log say the rest.

TT PSP 0.3 Features:

  • Quick Match against CPU
  • All rules can be used in game (also Plus-Wall which isn’t in original minigame)
  • Random cards choice by level
  • Available FF8, FF7, FFX and FF DISSIDIA decks
  • Original minigame music
  • Italian and English languages

TT PSP 0.3 Changelog:

  • Added Wall rule
  • Added Same/Plus-Wall rule
  • “Press START” indication at the end of a game
  • Game option + languages save by using option menu (saves like commercial game in PSP/SAVEDATA)
  • Game language choice with flags and home language [Italian - English]
  • Modified loading screen with a black font
  • Changed “V” and “X” with “V yes” e “X no” in game
  • Added Vertical card flipping
  • Help update (with Plus-Wall rule)

Download: Triple Triad PSP v0.3

Source: psp-hacks


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