Monday, September 21, 2009

Ultimate VSH Menu Revised with 5.50 GEN Support

Ultimate VSH Menu is compatible with all 5.xx GEN or M33 custom firmwares. So you may as well giver it a go.

Ultimate VSH Menu Screenshot

Ultimate VSH Menu Features:
  • All functions of the official VSH Menu.
  • Ability to customize the colors.
  • The SELECT button can either open the Recovery(in-VSH Recovery), the VshMenu or nothing.
  • Recovery can reboot by holding R and exit the Recovery (useful for VSH plugins and other configurations).
  • The SELECT button can be change via the combo R + L + [].
  • VSH Recovery can be open in the VSH Menu.
  • Random color option is available to change the system color randomly.
  • An option in the VSH Menu to quickly start a homebrew (ms0:/PSP/GAME/VSHMENU/EBOOT.PBP).
  • Convert battery option is available in the VSH Menu (convert battery to Normal, Pandora or Autoboot).
  • Slim Colors Patch by Bubbletune integrate (only for psp phat).
  • USB charge can be change in the VSH Menu (only for psp slim).
  • Ability to hide the MAC address in the System Information.
  • UMD update icon can be hide in the XMB.
  • Possibility to take screenshots (combos are NOTE, R + NOTE, L + NOTE, R + SCREEN, L + SCREEN or NOTE + SCREEN).
  • Ability to suspend the device in the VSH Menu.

Download: Ultimate VSH Menu Revised with 5.50 GEN Support
Source: psp-hacks


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