Sunday, September 27, 2009

XGEN UPDATER and XGEN pandora DC8 converter by Yoshihiro

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Update: XGEN UPDATER version 2

Homebrew developer Yoshihiro has released XGEN UPDATER and XGEN pandora DC8 converter for the PSP. This handy tool will allow you to install CFW 5.50GEN-B2 directly on any PSP without a patch. It can also convert your DC8 kit to XGEN Pandora.

Developer's note:

This tool let you install the firmware 5.50 GEN-B2 Full directly without any patch and on any PSP so PSP fat and PSP slim TA-79 > TA-88V2 from any custom firmware or kernel exploit . For the firmware 5.50 put your 5.50 updater on root of your memory stick renamed 550.PBP . you can use it to restore any official firmware too on slim and fat . You can use it to install install any TT's firmware on fat psp you need to put your eboot.pbp on roots of your memory stick like that X:/EBOOT.PBP . You can also converter your old DC8 magic memorystick in shiny 5.50GEN B-2. Just select in the XGEN option Install XGEN pandora and restart your psp don't forget to put the 5.50 eboot.pbp updater on root of your ms renamed in 550.pbp. to bypass the battery check please connect your AC cord.

Just a little reminder folks, this app could brick your PSP, so use with caution.

Source: qj


  1. OK, put the 550.pbp that was included in the xgen zip into the mem card’s root area. I put the eboot.pbp into the folder psp/game/update. The system brings up the start screen for loading the updater, but when I hit start nothing happens and the system shuts down on it’s own after a few seconds. I have a fat psp running fw 3.71 M33-2.

    So now how do I get this to work? Need some help please!

  2. look for the version 2 of this application. I dont have any time to post it now... il do it after 12 hours... try going to iv seen that it is on its front page.