Sunday, October 4, 2009

First exploit working on the PSPGo by FreePlay

After debunking Team Mack, here he is again with the new save game exploit for the newly launch PSP go after 2 days.

Quoting FreePlay:
Sony always seems to be desperately fighting against the homebrew community, trying to block us out of the systems we spent lots of our own cash on. Sadly, these guys really can't catch a break. I've already managed to update an exploit to work on the Go.


Yes, there are unreleased PSP exploits out there for various games. Yes, they still work, even on the PSP Go.

No, I didn't discover this exploit. It's been floating around for a while; it was just never used.

NO, I *DO NOT* plan on sharing any useful details about this. I want to see how long this will fester before Sony finally figures out how to fix it. That means I won't be sharing the files or even naming the game I used to do it.

Yes, it works on all systems and all firmwares.

No, it's not going to lead to custom firmware, piracy, or a Pandora for the Go. It can't write to the flash at all. It's user-mode only.

Oh, and if you think this is a hoax... look at the video, and notice the version.txt file from OFW 6.10.

Not mentioning the game because of some reasons, it's great that there's still hope for customizing the PSP Go. Kernel Exploit anyone?☺

Source: sceners


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